Breakaway cables

    The breakaway cable is an important protective device for trailers. If it breaks away from the towing vehicle, the breakaway cable prevents a major overturn by braking the trailer. For a trailer between 750 and 3500 kg, a breakaway cable is required by law.
    The application is very simple: You put the breakaway rope with a snap hook and a loop around the coupling of the towing vehicle. If the trailer now detaches while driving, the breakaway rope brakes the trailer. The rope is connected to the handbrake and blocks the right wheels so that the trailer does not roll onto the road but comes to a stop on its side. Then the breakaway rope breaks so that the trailer is no longer attached to your vehicle transporter and you can safely bring the vehicle to a stop.
    ALGEMA FIT-ZEL carries breakaway ropes from the companies Knott and Al-Ko.

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