Connecting cable

    If you need a connection cable for your lighting and it is not included with the lamps, you can easily order them in the ALGEMA FIT-ZEL online store. The available connection cables are made of plastic and are one meter long. The connections are either both 7-pole or 13-pole, and there is also a connection cable where one connection has 7 poles and the other has 13 poles.
    Before buying, check if the connection cables are sufficient for your purposes. If you are unsure, our staff will be happy to help you, because this will save you from troublesome complaints and wrong purchases.

    3 Products

    Connecting cable 1 metre 7/7 pin - ALGEMA SHOP
    Connecting cable 1 metre 7/13-pin - ALGEMA SHOP
    Verbindungskabel 1 mtr. 13/13 polig (13polig) - ALGEMA SHOP