Sockets are connections that are used to supply power in most cases. You need sockets to connect your vehicle transporter to the trailer and to connect electrical devices in your vehicles. Sockets use the current from the alternator when operating, and the battery when the vehicle is switched off, which provides a voltage of 12 volts.
    Discover in our online store plugs with seven and 13 poles. In addition, you will find connection cables that allow you to connect seven- and 13-pole connectors.
    The possible applications for plugs in your trailer or van are many. If you have any further questions, our team will be happy to help you.

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    Connecting cable 1 metre 7/13-pin - ALGEMA SHOP
    Verbindungskabel 1 mtr. 13/13 polig (13polig) - ALGEMA SHOP
    Connecting cable 1 metre 7/7 pin - ALGEMA SHOP
    13-pin plug rotatable ISO11446 - ALGEMA SHOP
    Connector 13-pin for 2 cables - ALGEMA SHOP
    Plug 7-pin - ALGEMA SHOP
    Plug 7-pin 24V - ALGEMA SHOP
    Socket 13-pin, 12V - ALGEMA SHOP