Shock absorber

    The vibrations that occur during operation of your vehicle are mitigated by shock absorbers. Shock absorbers convert vibrations into heat. So although they are actually vibration dampers, the term shock absorber has become common. If you notice that the driving behavior of your vehicle changes, replace the shock absorbers as soon as possible.
    In the online store of ALGEMA FIT-ZEL you can get shock absorbers in different designs and for different vehicles. Always pay attention to the weight of your trailer or car transporter, so that you choose the right shock absorber. You will find more detailed information in the product descriptions, for further information please contact our team, who will be happy to assist you with your selection.



    7 Products

    Wheel shock absorber blue for Fit-Zel up to 3 t - ALGEMA SHOP
    Wheel shock absorber red for Fit-Zel trailers up to 3.5t - ALGEMA SHOP
    ALGEMA wheel shock absorber - ALGEMA SHOP
    Tipping shock absorber for Algema and Fit-Zel Euro Trans (with swing axle) - ALGEMA SHOP
    Hydraulic Euro-Trans monotube shock absorber - ALGEMA SHOP
    Shock absorber DUO air brakes - ALGEMA SHOP
    Tipping shock absorber A2 for Fit-Zel Euro and Euro Trans trailers - ALGEMA SHOP