Charger BK 12V 15A automatic

    Automatic battery charger BK12/15 Automatik.

    Automatic battery charger suitable for charging gel and standard batteries.


    User manual

    Set the switch at the „1“ position. Connect the battery – the light should be glowing red. Insert the power cord into the 230V socket. Adjust the value of electric current according tot he battery capacity. The end of charging ensures the completion oft he charging ensures the completion oft he charging procress (necessary for gel batteries) and buffer operation with the receiver.



    Chraging is activated at a current of >9V. when charging current exceeds 15A the process is blocked (the light is blinking green). To resume charging, unplug cables and repeat all the steps.


    Technical data

    rated voltage

    power supply 230V-50-60Hz

    power consumption 30-220W

    rated DC voltage 12V


    charging current


    current regulation 1A-15A

    maximum value 20A

    battery capacity 30-180Ah

    Delivery: 1-2 days

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