The trailers from FIT-ZEL and ALGEMA are regularly used by you. In order to use them permanently, wear parts have to be replaced in time and spare parts have to be installed if necessary. For these tasks, we offer you a comprehensive range, from A for overrun brake to Z for towball coupling. In addition to parts for trailers from ALGEMA and FIT-ZEL, you will also find parts in our store that are suitable for models of the brands Humbaur, Böckmann, Wiedemann, wm-meyer or Unsinn. We are also continuously expanding this area of our store offer. We attach great importance to quality. That is why you will find the brands Knott, Alko, Aspöck, Sanube and many other well-known suppliers in our original parts range.

    337 Produkty

    Sprężyna gazowa 350N do ryglowania rampy Algema X-Trans - ALGEMA SHOP
    Overrun device KFGL35-A - ALGEMA SHOP
    Overrun device KF30 - ALGEMA SHOP
    Overrun device KF27 - ALGEMA SHOP
    Overrun device KF20 - ALGEMA SHOP
    Gas spring 400N for tipping on X-Trans trailers - ALGEMA SHOP
    Wheel 195/55 R10 98P with alloy rim - ALGEMA SHOP
    Expanding lock for AL-KO brake - ALGEMA SHOP
    Taper roller bearing set no. 43 AL-KO - ALGEMA SHOP
    AL-KO brake shoe set 2050/2051 - ALGEMA SHOP
    Lock for front wheel stop bar - ALGEMA SHOP
    Lock for rear wheel stop bar - ALGEMA SHOP
    Trailer wheel 145 R12C 81P with alloy rim (inside) ET22 Fit-zel Euro-Trans - ALGEMA SHOP
    Koło do przyczepy 145 R12C 81P na obręczy aluminiowej (zewnętrznej) ET22 dla Fitzel Euro-Trans - ALGEMA SHOP
    Wheel 195/55 R10 98P with alloy rim (Algema design) - ALGEMA SHOP
    -Caution: wheel nut- sticker - ALGEMA SHOP
    Automatyczne koło podporowe - ALGEMA SHOP
    DC connection for DC cable - ALGEMA SHOP
    -Caution toolbox- sticker - ALGEMA SHOP
    Twin alloy rim ET45 4Jx12H2 - ALGEMA SHOP
    Alloy rim 10 inch 6.00Ix10H2 with Algema logo - ALGEMA SHOP
    Przedłużenie zaworu dla opon bliźniaczych - ALGEMA SHOP
    Angle valve - ALGEMA SHOP
    Rubber valve - ALGEMA SHOP
    Metal valve - ALGEMA SHOP
    AL-KO flange nut M27x2.0 - ALGEMA SHOP
    Wheel shock absorber red for Fit-Zel trailers up to 3.5t - ALGEMA SHOP
    AL-KO cap, diameter 48 mm - ALGEMA SHOP
    Crown nut 18x1.5 for wheel brake - ALGEMA SHOP
    KNOTT angular contact ball bearing set 250x40 and 200x50/10 - ALGEMA SHOP
    Linka rozłączająca 950 - ALGEMA SHOP
    Urządzenie najazdowe KF20 dla Fit-zel - ALGEMA SHOP
    KF27 overrun device for Fit-zel - ALGEMA SHOP
    Urządzenie najazdowe KF30 dla Fit-zel - ALGEMA SHOP
    KNOTT breakaway cable - ALGEMA SHOP
    Sprężyna gazowa 300N do zamka rampy Fit-Zel przyczepy i speedera - ALGEMA SHOP
    Gas spring 500N for locking the ramp on Fit-Zel trailers and Speeder - ALGEMA SHOP
    Gas spring 600N for tipping the bed of Fit-Zel Euro and Euro Trans trailers - ALGEMA SHOP
    Gas spring 900N for tipping on Fit-Zel Euro and Euro Trans trailers - ALGEMA SHOP
    Tipping bearing rubbers Fit-zel - ALGEMA SHOP
    Number plate light for trailer (black) - ALGEMA SHOP
    Side marker light, orange, oval, LED (12V) - ALGEMA SHOP
    Position light, white, oval, LED (12V) - ALGEMA SHOP
    Socket 13-pin, 12V - ALGEMA SHOP
    Plug 7-pin 24V - ALGEMA SHOP
    Fit-zel FFF tape (old) - ALGEMA SHOP
    AL-KO crown nut M24x1.5 for twin wheels - ALGEMA SHOP
    KNOTT angular contact ball bearing set reinforced 250x40 and 200x50/10 - ALGEMA SHOP
    KNOTT drawbar eye M14/M14 - ALGEMA SHOP
    Steel rim 10 inch 140x5 - ALGEMA SHOP