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    Support wheels you need for trailers when they are not in operation, so that they have a safe stand. Support wheels and the matching accessories are available in the online store of ALGEMA FIT-ZEL in various designs. In addition to solid rubber wheels in various designs, a matching holder is also available. Useful accessories are a crank for the support wheel of the company Al-Ko, as well as a toggle for the parking support and a toggle screw. When choosing, always make sure that you find the right part for your trailer.
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    Solid rubber wheel f. Support wheel 200x50 500kg - ALGEMA SHOP
    Solid rubber wheel 200x45 - ALGEMA SHOP
    Support wheel holder - ALGEMA SHOP
    Clamping bracket 48 mm cast iron - ALGEMA SHOP
    Clamp 48 mm ver. Joint - ALGEMA SHOP
    Crank for AL-KO jockey wheel 60 mm - ALGEMA SHOP
    Toggle screw for clamp 60 mm - ALGEMA SHOP
    Toggle screw for jockey wheel 48 mm - ALGEMA SHOP