Aluminium rims

    Aluminum is a particularly light material, so rims made of aluminum produce a low vibration. The rims look good and are very popular with our customers. When buying aluminum rims, pay close attention to the product specifications. Only when tires and aluminum rims fit together, you get a complete wheel that works.
    In the online store of ALGEMA FIT-ZEL you can get alloy rims in the different sizes and of course also twin rims. Matching hubcaps round off the range.
    When buying alloy wheels, good advice is important. In most cases, the information provided with the respective products is sufficient. If you have any further questions, please contact our staff by e-mail or phone.

    7 Products

    Alloy rim 10 inch 6.00Ix10H2 with Algema logo - ALGEMA SHOP
    Alloy rim 6 J X 13 H ET30 2019 model - ALGEMA SHOP
    Alloy wheel 10 inch 6.00Ix10H2 with Fit-zel logo - ALGEMA SHOP
    Alloy rim 16 inch ET-50 7.00x16 - ALGEMA SHOP
    Twin alloy rim ET45 4Jx12H2 - ALGEMA SHOP
    Twin alloy wheel rim ET22 4Jx12H2 - ALGEMA SHOP
    Hub cap ALGEMA FIT-ZEL for 13 inch rims - ALGEMA SHOP