Anti-theft device

    One second of carelessness and the antenna is removed, a trailer disappears or the vehicle is broken into. With the right anti-theft device, you make it difficult for thieves to steal the vehicle or parts of it.
    Even an anti-theft device like the Safety Box for little money is very effective, because even a small resistance costs a thief time and they often abandon their plan.
    With a wheel claw for less than 90 euros, you can prevent your car from falling into the hands of thieves.
    Our RobStop anti-theft devices for anti-slinger/safety clutches protect you against unauthorized coupling, simple uncoupling and against disassembly of the clutch.
    An inexpensive anti-theft device is the Columbus "egg" with 2 keys and a comprehensive instruction manual.

    10 Products

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    Discus lock with 2 keys, diameter 70 mm - ALGEMA SHOP
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    RobStop/anti-theft device for WS3000 stabiliser/safety coupling - ALGEMA SHOP
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    Columbus "Egg” anti-theft device - ALGEMA SHOP
    Lockable wheel clamp - ALGEMA SHOP
    Ball coupling lockable AV35 up to 3500 kg - ALGEMA SHOP
    Ball coupling lockable AV30 up to 3000 kg - ALGEMA SHOP