Battery chargers

    With a charged battery, your car transporters are always ready for use. You can get different battery chargers in our online store, depending on your needs. If you need more information about the particular charger, just click on the short description, then you will get all the necessary data you need to make a purchase decision.
    The high-quality chargers of the company MXS were developed in Sweden and there they underwent several extensive tests. With these devices you can charge different batteries. They are suitable not only for the batteries of your car transporter, but also for car batteries, or batteries for boats.
    In addition to these high-quality chargers, we carry several chargers for the smaller purse, which are nevertheless sufficient for many requirements.

    4 Products

    Ladegerät MXS 10, 12 V 10 A - ALGEMA SHOP
    Digital charger 12V/6A 24V/3A - ALGEMA SHOP
    Charger MXT 14, 24 V 14 A - ALGEMA SHOP
    Charger BK 12V 15A automatic - ALGEMA SHOP