If your vehicle does not start due to a weak battery, only external starting will help. If no suitable vehicle is at hand, our boosters are useful. The booster GB150 from the company Noco is handy and starts your 12 V battery with 3000 amps, which is sufficient even for larger vehicles. The built-in lighting provides the necessary light when connecting the battery. Very powerful is the booster PS 700 with a starting power of 700 amps.
    For smaller vehicles, we carry a jump starter that can also be used as a power bank for your cell phone, laptop or tablet. The battery brings it to a starting power of 250 amps and to a peak power of 500 amps.
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    Booster NOCO GB150 3000A - ALGEMA SHOP
    Booster PS 700 Starting power: 700A - ALGEMA SHOP
    Jump starter/start booster and power bank in one (mobile phone, laptop, tablet etc.) - ALGEMA SHOP