ComeUp winches are suitable for pulling forces between 1360 kg and 1900 kg, so they are optimal for smaller loads. ComeUp Cube 3 and Cube 4 have a permanent magnet motor and consume little power. The winch has an automatic load holding brake and also a freewheel clutch that allows you to pull off the rope by hand. In addition to the electric winch, you get a built-in switch, a battery cable and a roller window. The steel cable is 15 m long and has a diameter of 4.8 mm. The electric winch ComeUp pro has a lifting capacity of 1900 kg and a series motor.
    The ComeUp winches are a long-term investment that pays off because your employees can load the vehicles more easily.

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    Electric winch Come Up 4500i - ALGEMA SHOP
    Cable winch ComeUP CUB 3 1360 kg 12 V - ALGEMA SHOP
    Winch ComeUP CUB 4 1800 kg 12 V - ALGEMA SHOP
    Cable winch ComeUP Pro 1900kg 12 V - ALGEMA SHOP