Dragon Winch

    With the high-quality winches from Dragon Winch, you can load your car transporter even with heavy vehicles and equipment. You can choose among different pulling forces. A recommended winch is Dragon Winch DWM 8000 with a pulling force of 3629 kg. You will receive a high-quality winch including wire rope, hook, roller window, control box, radio remote control, cable remote control and mounting screws. On the product page you will find more data to help you make a decision. Besides this product with a steel cable, we also carry winches with plastic cables.
    You will receive your winch within one to two days after ordering. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please give us a call or send us an e-mail

    5 Products

    Cable winch Dragon Winch DWM 2500 ST 12V 1133 kg - ALGEMA SHOP
    DWH 3500 HD 1588 kg - ALGEMA SHOP
    DWH 4500 HD 2041 kg - ALGEMA SHOP
    DWH 9000 HD 4082 kg - ALGEMA SHOP
    DWM 12000 HD 5443 kg - ALGEMA SHOP