Manual winches

    In this category you will discover high quality hand winches from Alko and other companies at low prices.
    If a part of a hand winch is defective, you do not have to spend several hundred euros for a new hand winch. We carry extensive accessories that allow you to easily replace important components.
    All products are explained in detail, so that incorrect purchases are rare. If you have any questions or are unsure, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail or call our staff during normal business hours. We will be happy to help you.
    We will send you all parts within one or two business days in most cases.

    15 Products

    Pulley, load capacity 2000 kg - ALGEMA SHOP
    AL-KO 901A manual winch with cable and pulley - ALGEMA SHOP
    Winch cable plastic 6 mm x 15 m - ALGEMA SHOP
    AL-KO 1201A manual cable winch with cable and pulley - ALGEMA SHOP
    Removable hand crank for AL-KO 901A+1201A - ALGEMA SHOP
    901/A manual cable winch without cable - ALGEMA SHOP
    1201/A manual cable winch without cable - ALGEMA SHOP
    Steel winch cable 7 mm L=15 m - ALGEMA SHOP
    Trailer manoeuvring handle red - ALGEMA SHOP
    AL-KO 301PLUS manual cable winch - ALGEMA SHOP
    Special care product Final Grip for synthetic fibre rope - ALGEMA SHOP
    Weather protection for HSW Alko 901+901A - ALGEMA SHOP
    Manual winch Alko 901A, long lever - ALGEMA SHOP
    Pulley for plastic and steel cables - ALGEMA SHOP
    Manual cable winch AL-KO 501PLUS A - ALGEMA SHOP