Steel rims

    Steel rims are made of hot-rolled steel, with the rim welded to the wheel disc. The welding is not continuous, but in sections, otherwise the steel rim could warp. Due to the position of the welds, there is no bending stress while driving, which guarantees safe driving of your car transporter.
    With suitable steel rims you save money, because they have a much longer life than tires and you only need to retread your wheel every few years after purchase.
    At ALGEMA FIT-ZEL you can get steel rims with 10 inch and 13 inch diameter. Each rim is explained in more detail by a description, so that the purchase decision is easy for you. If you have any further questions, just call our friendly customer service or use the contact form.
    You will receive the steel rim within one to two days.

    4 Products

    Steel rim 10 inch 140x5 - ALGEMA SHOP
    Steel rim 10 inch 112x5 - ALGEMA SHOP
    Rim 6 J X 13 H2 ET +30 - ALGEMA SHOP
    Rim 5.5 J X 13 H2 ET +30 - ALGEMA SHOP